Pool Repair

Pool Repair Company

At Fresh Finish Pools we understand that swimming pools and spas are complex systems, and pool repair is necessary from time to time. We also believe expert repair means being able to not just identify the immediate problem but also to determine the cause of the problem.

Fresh Finish Pool’s field technicians will diagnose and repair all issues that may occur, whether it’s an issue with your heater, plumbing, or filtration. In addition, there may be another underlying issue causing you problems. We want to ensure you trouble-free fun at peak pool season. Pool and spa repair are something a pool professional needs to do to prevent damage to your large investment, your property, and more importantly the health and safety of those swimming in your pool.


Get your Pool Repaired Now!

Some of the brands we service are:

At Fresh Finish Pools we offer multiple pool and spa repair services in the Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough area including:
  • Leak Detection: If you notice you are losing measurable amounts of water in your pool, contact Fresh Finish Pools to find the source of the problem. Our experts will fix or replace anything causing the issues.
  • Control Panel: Most spas have a control panel. Sometimes those control panels are broken or outdated. If you suspect an issue with your control panel, contact Fresh Finish Pools to replace or fix your panel so that you can go back to relaxing comfortably.
  • Broken Pool Heater: If your pool or spa is not heating at all or not heating properly, it’s time to contact Fresh Finish Pools. We will investigate the issue and replace any damaged or broken components of your pool’s heater.
Fresh Finish Pools will provide on-site repair services to any pool or spa in the Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough area. Contact us today for your pool repair needs.