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Experience the Fresh Finish Difference

At Fresh Finish Pools we want to become your trusted pool service. That means giving what big companies can’t, service and personal attention that every one of our clients can depend on.  Unlike those big companies, we’re your neighbor!

Keeping your pool clean, healthy and balanced takes time and serious attention to detail. If you don’t get that right, you could cause damage to your pool and the health and safety of swimmers. Let Fresh Finish Pools be your pool’s best friend. Fresh Finish Pools sets the standard for full-service pool cleaning and maintenance and repair services in Dunedin, Palm Harbor and all across Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough County.

We understand the love and care needed to keep your pool the center point of your home. With your busy life, making time to properly care for the swimming pool is time you sometimes just do not have. Fresh Finish Pools expert pool techs take the work and worry out of pool maintenance and repairs.

Jill and Ray Pearen - Fresh Finish Pools

Ray & Jill Pearen
Fresh Finish Pools

Complete pool care and maintenance

We provide the following services

  • Pool Repair
  • Pool Cleaning, chemicals, and algae treatments
  • Full weekly maintenance service
  • Equipment installation/repair
  • Warranty repair for major brands
  • Resurfacing/Refinishing
  • Heater, heat pump and motor services
  • Green Pool clean ups
  • Thorough pool inspection, leak detection and repair
  • Saltwater pool cleaning and maintenance service
  • Information Center
  • Pool Repair
  • Pool Resurfacing Services
  • Regular Maintenance Services
  • Warranty Repair
Call Fresh Finish Pools today to get a handle on all of your pool repair and maintenance needs. Our clients with regular weekly service enjoy the benefits of regular inspection for the small damage that, left alone, can quickly lead to bigger problems. We have the skills, resources, and a driving dedication to save our clients time and money by keeping small issues from becoming expensive problems.
Your pool is a complicated assemblage of pumps, heating elements and filtration systems. Avoid costly DIY solutions that can leave you worse off than before. Fresh Finish technicians are trained, certified and possess a thorough knowledge of the latest swimming pool technology. We will guarantee you the best services at prices you can afford.

Fresh Finish takes the work & worry out of pool care

Fresh Finish Pools follows a family tradition that has been in the pool industry for 35 years. Growing up in a business known for being the gold standard of pool service, set an early benchmark for our un-compromising attention to detail we affectionately refer to as “Pool-Pride”.
Combining an un-wavering standard for superior care and service with careful chemistry we provide our customers with the freshest, healthiest water a pool can contain.
We are family owned & operated. As a family with 2 small children, we understand how busy life can get. Our goal is to take pool maintenance off your to-do list, so you can spend your time making memories around your pool.

If your home’s pool is looking a little green, call Fresh Finish Pools today for fast, friendly service. We understand the love and care needed to keep your pool the center point of your home!